140-character bursts of municipal-election action

Click here for the article as it appears on the official EYE WEEKLY website. Originally published June 22, 2010.

Sure, some days are slower than others on the election front, but that doesn’t stop candidates from lobbing bite-sized musings out into the Twittersphere, just so we know that they’re somewhere on the campaign trail. This also makes for some decent fodder for the more seasoned Twitterati and, occasionally, some actual debate around #voteTO. Mayoral hopefuls: Tweet your hearts out. Here’s a roundup of some recent highlights:

-This is how Rob Ford fit in those 200,000 calls: “Spending this rainy morning indoors talking to constituents. Everyone has great ideas! Consistently, to cut the waste at City Hall.”

-Referring to the Urban Landing Institute Debate @ThomsonTo says, “the solution to #Toronto’s traffic problem is to implement road & congestion tolls; funds will go to subways.”

-Local writer/public-space activist Jonathan Goldsbie throws to a National Post election round-table discussion in which he was a participant: “In which I use the words ‘paradox,’ ‘irony,’ AND ‘satire’ in an article about Rob Ford. Also, ‘OxyContin.’ http://bit.ly/9JL8gD

-From @toelectionnews: Tory Remains Coy About Election Race Intentions http://goo.gl/fb/bZpW3

-Not one, but two Fake Rob Fords! @RobFordAngry, though dormant since June 7, has yielded this highlight: “I AM A SOUND CANNON! #G20FakeRumours.” Meanwhile, inspired by @shitmydadsays, @shitrobfordsays delivered this post this morning: “It’s an insult to my constituents to even think about having a [homeless] shelter in my ward!” Sigh.


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