Bag tax tweet-off

Click here for the article as it appears on EYE WEEKLY’s official website. Originally published July 14, 2010.

We’re not sure if everyone’s just hiding out from the heatwave(s) or if no one has figured out how to keep a BlackBerry on hand while wearing a bathing suit, but the election Twittersphere has been fairly subdued as of late. Still, there was this:

Rocco Rossi decided to play the Rob Ford card, railing against the HST and plastic bag fee/tax: “Insult to injury. HST increases Bag ‘tax’ to 6 cents! Ax Bag Tax Now! Retailers keeping all the money anyway”

Some folks were quick to correct, using the basic math: “There is no change to price of 5¢ plastic bags in Toronto. They were previously charged GST+PST, now they’re charged #HST. Same 13%”

A Rossi supporter countered with this link from the National Post. “Some Toronto stores now charging 6¢ for plastic bags RT @nationalpost”

I think the moral of the story here is you should still bring your own bag.

Sick of the increasingly repetitive tweet-for-tat that’s taking up the #voteTO hashtag, EYE WEEKLY presents some picks from some other publications:

The Toronto Star’s Corey Mintz presents a dinner with three fringe mayoral candidates: Keith Cole, Rocco Achampong and Himy Syed. It’s a nice insight into the minds of those running whom you probably won’t see on the televised debates. I hope the latest mayoral candidate, Phil Taylor, gave this a look.

John Lorinc at Spacing magazine wrote a solid critical piece about the Toronto Environmental Alliance’s mid-campaign report cards. In particular, he brings to light George Smitherman’s tough pursuit of the Green Energy Act while he was a minister at Queen’s Park. It seems, however, that there are some problems with his legacy. According to the Star, some farmers are facing cuts to the premium rate the province promised them for setting up small-scale power generation (for most farmers, this means solar panels).


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