Mayoral makeovers!

Click here for the article as it originally appeared on EYE WEEKLY’s website. With style advice from Hilary Caton, fellow intern. Yes, I did the Photoshop work. Originally July 23, 2010.

It’s already been a long mayoral campaign. Now that we’re in the last hundred days and have had a chance to take a long look at the remaining five candidates, we’ve frankly been left a little wanting. What could possibly make the candidates and the whole campaign more exciting? One word: makeovers!

Rob Ford

Ford is no stranger to fashion crimes, as his familiar black-on-black with kissy-lips ensemble indicates. The hints of prime-ministerial pretense in his wardrobe suggests he’s looking to transcend his current status as Torontonian nutter to Canadian icon; why not take some inspiration from one of the best foot-in-mouthers in the land, number-seventh Greatest Canadian Don Cherry?

Sarah Thomson
This election’s only female front-runner is in need of some glam. We know you’ve got fresh ideas; match it up with a fresh ’do. And what’s up with those ’70s-inspired fanned-out collars? It’s 2010 and office chic is cooler than it’s ever been; why not update the wardrobe with a business-casual dress? Remember, Sarah: just because you’re running with the boys doesn’t mean you have to tone down your femininity.

Rocco Rossi
Number one with the Twitter crowd, Rossi needs to turn in his rimless frames and step up as the most socially networked candidate. To add some edge to his look, Rossi should try sporting these Elvis Costello-inspired black-rim frames. And given that Rossi wouldn’t be caught dead in a bike lane, this nice bright Rosso bike suit will make him extra-visible to oncoming traffic.

George Smitherman
Known day-tripper Smitherman has shown flare in the past, but it’s time he let his sunny side shine through in this campaign. Here’s an outfit inspired by the Man in the Yellow Hat. Get it? Furious George, Curious George… come on!

Joe Pantalone
With his basic city-hall blazers and ties, Joe’s fashion has been anything but fresh. Why not go with some clean lines and a classic look that is both age-appropriate and draws on his Italian heritage? Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana, this crisp white shirt and black skinny tie should add some swagger to his step.


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