Power failures and other election tweetage

Click here for the article as it appears on EYE WEEKLY’s official website. Originally published July 6, 2010.

The instantaneous Twitter responses to Toronto’s recent cataclysms, #quakeTO and now #darkTO, have quickly turned minor disasters into forums for the mayoral campaigners.

Of course, it’s the current mayor and OGT (Original Gangster of Twitter), David Miller, who came out looking ever the civic hero, receiving accolades from Rocco Rossi for saving a man’s life — via Twitter (both the accolades and the life saving!): “Hats off to @MayorMiller for this! Responding to a call for help via Twitter – thestar.com: http://bit.ly/bsSLls

Other than that pretty outstanding event, a scrimmage (mostly talking points) emerged about Rocco Rossi’s plans to sell off Toronto Hydro. Here is a sample:

@Liam says, “Toronto Today’s blackout was bad, but imagine if Rocco Rossi got his way and sold off Toronto Hydro. Power matters!”

Enter the Rossi Army with their response: “@Liam_Toronto Please tell me that your tweet meant ironically. Pants [Joe Pantalone] can’t even get provincial funding for transit, much less debt”

And then @Liam_Toronto with the smackdown: “@maitri22 Short term gains by selling assets don’t fix the structural deficit in city budget. Can’t build a city by selling it off.”

Regardless of whether or not it’s related, #DarkTO made Rossi’s privatization issue top of mind, which it hasn’t been since it was announced. We may well see this play out again, as @Nerfgun notes, “Who wants to bet that the power goes out again today? Yesterday wasn’t even a usage spike so we still have that to look forward to. #darkTO”

We could collect the tweets of the mayoral candidates’ reactions to Mammoliti dropping out of the race, but @Spacing sums it up best: “The reality defying compliments Mammoliti got today from his former competitors are simultaneously astonishing & unsurprising.”

Meanwhile, Toronto Life smells blood in the water. They posted the odds of candidates dropping out of the race, placing Sara Thomson at 5:1 — clearly, they haven’t checked out her redesigned website or have much faith in her new campaign manager, John Tory Jr.


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