Rob Ford gets clucked up

Click here for the article as it appears on EYE WEEKLY’s official website. Originally published July 29, 2010.

Ever since Rob Ford declined to meet George Smitherman in a one-on-one debate on Newstalk 1010, Smitherman supporters have been heckling constantly on the Twittersphere. That seems to have spilled onto the streets, in the form of a man dressed in a chicken costume. We can’t help but agree with @anthsmith: “hopefully rob ford channels peter griffin and gets into an extremely long, overdramatic fight with the chicken.”

Toronto Life’s report on Chicken-Man includes some other notable instances of political prop comedy. Confirmation of Chicken-Man’s allegiance comes in a tweet from @JimRichardsShow: “G_Smitherman’s campaign has confirmed to us that the Chicken Man who is following @RobFordTeam IS a part of the Smitherman team.”

Will he or won’t he?
John Tory is one of the hottest topics in the mayoral campaign, which perhaps suggests a dearth of hot topics. Of course, the #voteTO Twittersphere reflects this with four fake John Tories (almost as many as Rob Ford).

@AcclaimJohnTory has been in the game the longest, which in Twitter terms means “since July 27.” His profile picture is a waffle: get it? @ToryTube and @NotJohnTory are birds of a feather. They’ve been responding to messages about Tory and reminding folks of his less than impressive political record (defeats to Mayor Miller, Premier McGuinty and in the Haliburton by-election). Finally, @TheRealJohnTory looks like the handy work of the same person/group that did the earlier batch of fake mayoral accounts.

If you’re interested in the real John Tory Twitter, his Newstalk 1010 show’s account is @johntoryshow. Though don’t expect much more than the upcoming schedule for his show.


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