The politics of #quakeTO (and other electoral tweets)

Click here for the article as it appears on EYE WEEKLY’s official web site. Originally published June 23, 2010.

This afternoon, an earthquake (apparently with its centre in Cumberland, ON) shook up Toronto and was felt as far away as New York and Detroit. Here’s a look at how it affected Toronto’s political Twitterati.:

Rocco Rossi, as is often the case, was the first responder: “Was that an earthquake? #toronto”

-But the George Smitherman camp was the quickest to try and use it for political advantage.
@colinlefevre proclaims: “@G_Smitherman’s speech was so amazing he just made the earth move.” (I love municipal/catastrophe metaphors as much as the next guy, but people could’ve been hurt, no?)

-Another, more metaphorical shake-up from @HabitatToronto: “Breaking News in Mayoral Race: @wendywashere has been let go by Sarah Thomson (@thomsonto). Stay tuned as details are available.” That would be Thomson’s campaign manager Wendy Stewart, though I haven’t seen any official word yet. Is it strange that Habitat for Humanity Toronto is leaking election staffing information?

Despite the shaking, politics hasn’t been evacuated from Toronto’s streets: there are those ever-marching G20 protesters, and there are also election-season bumper stickers! @bikerooTO tweets: “Caught ANOTHER SUV idling in bike lane with a ‘Rob Ford for Mayor’ bumper sticker. Seriously, WTF?!”

Maybe @lifeonqueen has the right idea: “Following #voteTO is too depressing.
I’m gonna go outside & look for the#G20 demo – I hear they have a samba
band! #anarchistdanceparty”


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