Ottawa’s Municipal Election – Round Up


Nominations are closed. The City of Ottawa website has a complete list of nominees for mayor, council and school boards with information about how you can contact them (but not links to their websites). OttawaStart notes this is a record number of candidates – 204 compared to 156 in the 2006 election.

Mayoral Candidates

Larry O’Brien: Incumbent Mayor of Ottawa. He raised taxes during his term despite his campaign pledge that “Zero Means Zero.” This time around, he says he’s one term wiser and that his new platform “Target Zero” will get the job done (if council gets onside).

Jim Watson: Former Mayor of Ottawa, he left the job before his term ended. Most recently, Watson was Minister of Municipal Affairs in the McGuinty government.

Clive Doucet: Incumbent Councillor for Capital Ward. He has focused on transit expansion and stopping sole-source contracts.

Andy Haydon: Former Mayor of Nepean (now an amalgamated part of Ottawa), announcement included plans to scrap LRT expansion


Mayor Larry O’Brien caught talking on cellphone behind the wheel. [Ottawa Citizen] If the Rob Ford phenomenon has taught me anything, this will just humanize him his supporters. Of course, I may be misjudging Ottawan good will. It might even just remind people who don’t like the cellphone-while-driving ban of their annoyance with the McGuinty Liberals.

Mayoral Candidate (and Carleton School of Journalism and Communication 4th Year) Charlie Taylor digs into the U-Pass debate. Adopts familiar rhetorical device, “All the Single Mommies.” [The Charlatan]


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