Carleton Prof. takes stand on science journalism in Canada

Remember how I said that I’d get around to cool Carleton profs once I got past posting about NYU’s Jay Rosen and Adam Penenberg? Here’s a Carleton School of Journalism and Communication professor who is making a splash: Kathryn O’Hara (not to be confused with Catherine O’Hara from SCTV/Home Alone).

“Openness is being held ransom to media messages that serve the government’s political agenda,” wrote Kathryn O’Hara, president of the Canadian Science Writers’ Association, in an opinion published online Wednesday in the international scientific journal Nature. [CBC]

The CSWA has put together a report detailing ways the governments tight media-management protocol has interfered with good scientific reporting. The CBC account provides some basic background on how the report was put together, but you can read the original article online at Nature’s website.

(h/t @LegaultMyEggo)


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