Everybody is Naheed Nenshi

Sure, he’s the winner, but each of the top three Ottawa mayoral candidates have a different reason to think they’re the local  version of Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

Clive Doucet, currently number three in the Ottawa race, would certainly like to replicate Nenshi’s ascent from third to first place. At a press conference today, Doucet said he takes “great heart in the recent victory of the Calgary mayor. He was very much a man like myself….His policies and mine could be the same and he has the same kind of background.”

While reporters challenged him over whether he will be able to replicate Neshi’s victory since he’s so far back in the polls, he said he has had similar popularity on social media sites.

When I was talking to Jim Watson over the phone about Doucet’s press conference, I said Doucet compared himself to Nenshi. I asked Watson if he thought something like the Calgary situation could happen in Ottawa. Watson responded: “I’m the outsider. Mr Doucet and Mr O’Brien have represented the last four years. So I’m hoping to do as well as the new mayor of Calgary because I haven’t been part of the problem for the past four years.”

Even the incumbent Larry O’Brien is offering advice to Nenshi, at least, according to Don Martin.

I ran into Mayor O’Brien in a downtown office tower on Wednesday morning with a reporter in tow. People appeared to be avoiding eye contact with him, which is a very bad sign when you’re five days from a ballot box showdown, and O’Brien seems almost resigned to his fate, suggesting “if things don’t go well” he might consider a visit to Calgary to advise Mayor Nenshi personally.
O’Brien also said, in the Martin column, that Nenshi should build up a coalition at city council right away to avoid becoming a one-term wonder.

One thought on “Everybody is Naheed Nenshi

  1. Momentum is definitley building behind the Doucet campaign. If it can be pulled off is up to voters and those who would normally not vote. I hope the Nenshi story helps Ottawans gain the confidence they need to make bold and informed decisions, not just protest votes.

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