Introducing The ImmPression

I’ve been rather busy as of late. Midterms and the steady stream of work in my journalism workshop have kept me away from the blog. This doesn’t mean I have not been writing.

If you’re interested in my latest work, check out The ImmPression, a weekly online magazine about the Canadian government’s policies about immigrations and the lives of new Canadians in Ottawa. I have two posts up this week. The ImmPression is produced entirely by Carleton MJ1s and publishes every Tuesday.

Remembering Immigrant Veterans is an interview with War Museum historian and Carelton adjunct professor Tim Cook about how immigrants fitted in (and were excluded from) the Canadian war effort in World War I. Cook is a top-notch historian, one I studied extensively at U of T. He was featured in CBC’s Ottawa Morning today (November 11).

Immigration Consultants Embrace Tighter Regulations is a piece about the ongoing push to upgrade the rules around professional immigration consultants. Since the federal regulatory body the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants or CSIC was established in 2004, it has been experiencing some growing pains. I spoke to Imran Qayyum about what it all means and if CSIC will survive the revamp to the regulatory system brought on by Bill C-35.

There’s one more piece in the pipeline for today. Also stay tuned for a piece I have written for OpenFile Ottawa.


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