Your reactions, a #voxtranspo update

The response to the #voxtranspo project has been great so far.

I have volunteers who are helping to collect audio of automated announcements in Ottawa, Montreal and Edmonton. That doesn’t mean your contribution in these cities isn’t welcome – maybe you have your own angle.

The response from friends on Facebook and email has also been great. While I suspected as much, it’s been great to see the stories that people have about their local transit voices.

In Toronto, the voices of the TTC and GO Transit seem to be minor local celebrities. Contributors talk about how the voice’s personalities help them through their day – one even gave them a (romantic) storyline.

Calgary Transit has sent me information about the voice of the LRT, Karen Hutton.

In British Columbia, the voice of the ferry is hinting at a story about Canada’s indigenous roots.

The point of this project is to tap into local stories across the country and find out what the little quirks about the voices (and transit riders) say about each city. That local angle is what makes your contribution so important.

Keep the stories coming!

Deadline: I am planning to edit this piece in August 2011, so please pass this and get around to telling me you want to be involved ASAP!

matthew dot kupfer at gmail dot com


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