#VoxTranspo on Spacing Radio

The first edition of VoxTranspo is being featured on Spacing Radio as a podcast.

Credit for the recordings on the podcast go to Samia Madwar (Ottawa sounds), Alex Nursall (herself) and Lana Cuthbertson (Edmonton). I recorded the sounds in Toronto.

Some basic background on VoxTranspo:  I started the project to collect stories from across Canada that reveal a little bit about our local life, as heard through transit announcements. The intention is to collect stories from cities and suburbs across the country that range from the personal, like the Toronto stories in the podcast, or to bigger policy issues, like language and accessibility. Some of the early responses have been great, but remember: the project is still growing and I’m happy to hear your stories. Drop me a line at matthew -dot- kupfer -at- gmail -dot- com and you can follow @matthewkupfer (yes, that’s me) for updates.

I hope to hear from you soon!


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