Toronto Standard Clippings

For the second half of the summer, I worked at the Toronto Standard as a city hall reporter. This included covering the all-night deputations protesting the service cuts proposed in the KPMG Core Service Review, or “the citizen filibuster.” Here are some of my favourite pieces from my time there, just in case you missed them.

I also did some work for Spacing Radio and CBC’s As It Happens.

Toronto’s “Citizen Filibuster”

The Marathon City Meeting Explained (in 10.5 points)

Deputation Day


The Arrival of Kristyn Wong-Tam

James Pasternak, a Ford ally, questions the city’s buyout package

Jarvis: A Street in Four Chapters (including reporting from Rob Mackenzie)

Denzil Minnan-Wong and Dave Meslin: Tandem Troubles

The Bloor Cinema: Rocky Horror is a Documentary, Right?

Semantics or Stigma: Councillor Vincent Crisanti wants to revamp “priority neighbourhoods”

When Buying Local Isn’t Enough

Fixed Market Rents and a Youth Club Under Scrutiny

Summerworks Funding Slashed

Urban Invaders: What Can Cities Do When Climate Change and Globalization Invites Pests?

Hole-y Toronto: Paul Ainslie’s pothole proposal

Fallen Ashes: the Emerald Ash Borer takes Toronto


Ontario 2011: Where could Liberals fall again? (with infographics by me)

Making the Great Rabbit Ears Movie (Donations Accepted)

Summerworks Funding Slashed


The Market Comes to Market: Bay-Adelaide Farmers’ Market

Mo’ Better Food Trucks

When Buying Local Isn’t Enough


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